To infinity…. And bed, bath and beyond

Ours. Pending a home inspection.

One would think that once an offer goes in and counters are made and met, that it’s just a few signatures and a handshake and you’re done. 

Dream on you crazy dreamers. 

My fiancée and I put in an offer on this place and only had to wait and hour to hear the counter. The seller was invested and of course countered our offer with a much higher number. Enough that we had to think about it. Parents were called, realtors questioned and our souls were tempered in a forge of uncertainty and honed with doubt. We slept on it. Ate breakfast on it. Drove to work on it. Decided that we would counter the counter. HA! We thought that we had him. Meet halfway, and everybody’s happy, right?! Nah. Homie was thugging. Staying hard on the streets. Countered again to the left. Half way from our halfway but more on his higher side. So we said no. We had to, defeated and dejected, but our realtor came through. She managed to get him to pay for water tests and septic inspections and gave us a deal that her company was putting on for other people. Also a half priced home inspection.  We were on cloud nine. WOW! 

Then came the rest. Finding lawyers. Calling mortgage brokers. Giving money. The little tidbits of knowledge that come to light after its all said and done. And the timelines for everything. Whoa nelly, back it up! This is supposed to be fun, and a big step for us! I mean, after a house comes marriage and fur babies! But it’s almost as stressful as the whole buying process. But when it boils down to it, barring crazy horrible circumstance, you now have a house to love and call your own. We have so many ideas, mainly on Pinterest, but we don’t get keys until mid-April.

The chin up! The countdowns on!