Feelings of Excitement! And Dread?! 

Well kids, here we go.

Blast off.

This is not a drill. Get under the desks and tuck your head between your knees and pray Tom Cruise saves you with his witchcraft. 

We put an offer in on our house. 

After weeks of ‘hhmmm’ing and ‘hawww’ing, we finally made the decision. We are going forward and taking that earth shattering first step into home ownership. It truly is a scary thought when you think of all the debt, pain, labor and responsibility that comes with it. The bills screaming at you, the stress of getting a good paycheck, and the ‘fix me’s’ that come along with a thing that hands built. Imagining trees ripping the roof off, snow drifts that leave you stranded with only canned beans and no delivery pizza, and oh! A backed up sewage problem that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. 

I can’t wait.

A privacy that is eluded in city life, green trees seen through every window. Beautiful, unadulterated sunrises with that condo building in the way. Deer winding their way through the yard. Friends and family gathered around the fire pit. That once normal feeling of a family setting can now be replicated through the next generation. Personally,  I can’t wait to sunbath on my own deck with a beer and a book and not have people stare at me. It would be fantastic. All those things I disliked or complained about when I was a kid at home, like cutting the grass or weeding he garden, makes my skin get goose prickles. From playing with dinky cars to manual landscaping, it feels the same right now. And don’t even get me started on decorating the house. That will be another blog on which I will go nuts on wall colours and furniture. Let’s just say I will be going overboard with ordering custom furniture

But I digress.

As scared as I am right now, the feeling of excitement rules out the foreboding feeling of reaponsible. At least right now. We still have to meet up with the realtor tomorrow at some point, and sign our life away. Holy crow. 

Somebody pinch me.