Curious Feelings….wait, what?

Its been a week!

Terrible weather, a heart surgery, and house anxiety, coupled with that “waiting for pay day so I can buy toilet paper” feeling. 

The worst. 


The weather here has been horrible for work. On a personal note, I love the snow. I love “in” days where I can just sit back with a coffee and relax (maybe finish that book!, or play some video games…. ) or just Pinterest with my Fae fiancée. I went out the other day to the dollar store and bought a crazy carpet and she thought I was nuts. Here I am, 30ish, and driving around the city in a snow storm looking for the best hill to slide down. I miss the days where, as a kid, I would spend all day outside and play on my GT, making awesome snow forts in the woods, or siccckkk jumps for my snowboard. Skating was also a big thing, although I had much more fun playing winter versions of “army men” with my friends. I almost always lived on or near a lake in Ontario growing up so a rink was always there. Dad would help shovel off the snow and flood it for us whenever we got the urge to skate around. We loved it. 

 Speaking of Dad, he went in for another heart surgery. I hate surgeries. As a child I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and remember how terrifying it was to me. In retrospect, it really wasn’t so bad, the nurses were always nice and I made a lot of friends when I was stuck in there. I just hate feeling weak. I don’t like seeing my Dad weak either. He is the toughest son of a gun I know and the only other person who scares me as much as he does when he gets angry at me is my mother. and the way he looks after heart surgery makes me sad. My mother is anxious, I’m anxious, and Dads gone through this so many times, he knows its fine. Just some rest and relaxation and he’ll be good as new. Its crazy how routine heart surgery can be now-a-days. they spent only like an hour and put two stints in an artery outside his heart and didn’t even have to open his chest. They actually went through the wrist! It was fantastic, and its so non invasive that he actually was released later that day, to come back to my place and rest for the night at my apartment.

 Can’t wait for the house. We take possession mid April! 54 days, but who’s counting, right? My faincee and I have so many plans, I just don’t know how we are going to do all the things we want to do this year while saving for the wedding. word to the wise kids, house first, than wedding! It’s so much easier to plan a wedding after you’ve dealt with all the stresses of purchasing a home. Never do both at the same time, it will make you crazy! We plan on having a painting party (unbeknown to our friends…) right after we get keys. Sweat equity is going to be put in like crazy, and I’m sure after this, no one will want to come to our wedding because they will be afraid that they will have to set up the tent on the day of or something! ( I mean, we can always use some more people to BBQ, right???) 

 But, I’m happy that I have the weekend off to relax. I wonder what the weekend will bring???


Housing anxiety…

So I have had a few days off, and I’m telling ya, the day’s are killing me. Down time is think time and think time is stress time. So much stress. Gah, I wish buying a house came with strict guidelines (jokes). Or that I could travel back in time and tell my younger self that I need to save every dollar I earn so that when I turn 30, I may be able to buy a house I like. 

Now, I’m blessed to have a fiancée who had the right piece of mind to save and now it’s up to her to provide all the money for home buying, while I have nothing to contribute and feel and look worthless while she betters our life. Thank whoever, because she’s saving my mind as I turn older and feel like life should be where my parents currently are (house/ life). Never thought I’d be saying things like that, but it’s true. To make my stress worse, I currently work in a 100% commission based job. Now it’s a fantastic job, that I worked hard to get to over the course of 3 years, but the financial doubts pay check to pay check are brutal. Especially so since the previous position I had worked at had good consistent pays that I could count on. Like I was saying, she’s a saint with savings.

So house hunting has been great for us as a relationship building exercise. Urguments, disagreements and shouting matches about money make us both stronger and thankfully, we both come around. With the help of pizza, beer, and a good movie. I cannot stress that home buying is one of the most loved AND hated things. Make a list, check it twice and edit it when new points come up. It will help you narrow the field down and avoid garbage homes that you both don’t like and waste time going to see it. We learned that early. And boy, I’m glad we did. Even a garbage house looks good when you continue going to garbage houses. It’s not until you find something you both really like that sets the bar and makes everything else look like shit. It’s like driving a Lamborghini after driving a nice reliant automobile for a few laps. 

But I will continue this later on!