New old beginnings and the feelings of a suburban activist.

So I watched Virunga last night. 

Another one of those horrid stories about how greed and selfishness dictates day to day for normal people and how it ultimately hurts the environment. A small group of people giving their lives and sacrificing so much to protect something greater than themselves. It’s a touching story and ultimately shows how humans are at a constant disadvantage of having one mindset over seeing the bigger picture. We as a race need to see it. That bigger picture is our future. Our children’s future. And we need to act on what’s right and accept that without the basic structure of a clean, balanced and protected environment, we are screwed. Already we have water we can’t drink, air we can’t breath, and soil that will not support growth or lack thereof. 

But im a city tree hugger. I sort my garbage. Recycle. Compost what I can in my apartment (at the moment.) I don’t drive my car everywhere. In warmer months, I bike. Walk. Buy local, when I can afford it. But what does that do for the bigger picture? Almost nothing. It takes more than one. Or two. I set an example for the younger people. Pick up trash that floating around the ground. Hold doors. Be polite. Laugh. But as for the environment, we need more. More people fighting and saying that some things should not be sacrificed for monetary advancement. Some oil should stay below ground. Not everyone needs a diamond. Recycled plastics can be made to replace metals. Can you imagine if we all had to grow our own vegetables? Maybe the bees would come back. I’m so afraid of bees, but even I recognize the fact that we would have no food with out them. China is pollinating plants via human hands, since the bees has disappeared from their fields. Do you want your kids to have “flower pollinator” on their resume? Be part of the human hive mind? Lol. Turn into that horrible Seinfeld animated flick for real. The futures bleak, my friends. 

So set that example. Be yourself, and keep the environment in mind. Open your mind. Take that alternate route. Research the products you buy next time. Drink more tap water instead of that water that was bottled in a area where they force people to buy hire water and pollute the local supply. Or the chicken or beef that’s mass produced in grain fed barns where the animals suffer. Do what you must, but just take mind. 

Peace and love to world, dreamers. The movie just bothered me. 


To infinity…. And bed, bath and beyond

Ours. Pending a home inspection.

One would think that once an offer goes in and counters are made and met, that it’s just a few signatures and a handshake and you’re done. 

Dream on you crazy dreamers. 

My fiancée and I put in an offer on this place and only had to wait and hour to hear the counter. The seller was invested and of course countered our offer with a much higher number. Enough that we had to think about it. Parents were called, realtors questioned and our souls were tempered in a forge of uncertainty and honed with doubt. We slept on it. Ate breakfast on it. Drove to work on it. Decided that we would counter the counter. HA! We thought that we had him. Meet halfway, and everybody’s happy, right?! Nah. Homie was thugging. Staying hard on the streets. Countered again to the left. Half way from our halfway but more on his higher side. So we said no. We had to, defeated and dejected, but our realtor came through. She managed to get him to pay for water tests and septic inspections and gave us a deal that her company was putting on for other people. Also a half priced home inspection.  We were on cloud nine. WOW! 

Then came the rest. Finding lawyers. Calling mortgage brokers. Giving money. The little tidbits of knowledge that come to light after its all said and done. And the timelines for everything. Whoa nelly, back it up! This is supposed to be fun, and a big step for us! I mean, after a house comes marriage and fur babies! But it’s almost as stressful as the whole buying process. But when it boils down to it, barring crazy horrible circumstance, you now have a house to love and call your own. We have so many ideas, mainly on Pinterest, but we don’t get keys until mid-April.

The chin up! The countdowns on! 


Snow way (or there’s something much to do about nothing)

I think we as a species need to relax.

Or better coordinate our time. 

I don’t think there is anything worse than waking up late. Late for work, late for class, a wasted day. It’s all just a rushed, anxious feeling of unreasonable self pity. “Ugh, why’d I watch 4 seasons of Friends last night! Damn you Netflix! I’m such an idiot!”. Why do we think that we can just make our bodies do whatever we want to, without any consequences? When we were younger, and less motivated to get things set straight in life, we could handle those legendary benders that we would get up and go to work without the raging headache and body pains the next day. Those adventures in hazy nights would later become epic myths to tell the kids or reminisce to our loved one over the second bottle of wine. 

Those were the days.

But when you wake up and realize you have a day off randomly due to inclement weather, you rejoice. You wake up and look outside in disbelief. In cosmic karma, your hard work just paid off. A whole day off! And you didn’t even fake it. But slowly, all thoughts of being productive slip away. The bed beckons. The tv calls your name. Your laptop draws you to it like Sauron and the one ring. As the mess in the kitchen fails to grab your attention, your mindset changes. ‘I deserve to lay low. I’ll just chill today. How often does this happen?’ So without another thought, you surrender yourself to a total loss of a day. Video games, junk food, and some storm rum just make it so you can’t even go out and deal with all the happy people driving in the amazing force of nature that is happening on the cool side of the glass. So, as the day wears on and the dishes pile up, you know that you should be doing something with your day, but it’s too late. It’s much too late to start laundry. Those dishes have to soak overnight. I might make another sandwich. 

This happens to often. The days that I do get things done and everything looks awesome when I sit down after dinner, I feel accomplished. That’s the feeling I want to feel. Not self pity, because I can’t be motivated, but happy that I choose just to do the easy things. You could do them later, and there’s no harm in that, but why not now? Get it over with. Prepare for the unexpected company, or just dust off that shelf because it looks nicer to you! This mentality will slowly change your life. You’ll want to be ready all the time. Go to bed early. Get up and have breakfast. Do good things for yourself all day, and I don’t mean buying that box of timbits. Do some yoga, balance your diet and your mind will just start to work differently. 

Wow. Snow days blow my mind.

All the rage these dayz… 

So today was a snow day. 

Started out like any other mundane January Monday. Dreary skies, murders of crows, and just an overall feeling of blah. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with having to wait to sign house papers. We made an offer last night to our realtor, and I guess you have to do something like sign a contract or something ridiculous (just kidding, very important). But it meant waiting a day. We had known a snow storm was coming in tonight so, being the nice wine drinkers we are, opted for Jill, our lady, to stay at home and enjoy hers. And I tell you, it’s the first good storm we’ve had this year. It’s coming down. Our usual 10 minute commute saw us in traffic for 2 and a half hours. At least the people were nice. You would have to get out every once in a while and brush the snow and semi formed ice off your car and offer to do your neighbours while you were out. And down the line, someone may do it for you it they notice you just need a brush off. There were people pushing, shovelling and just straight being the nicest of people. I mean, if you can’t move, you can’t move right? At one point on the on ramp for one of our major highways there were a group of people just standing there waitng to push you through onto the highway, because the snow plot that had gone by had left a 2 foot bank that the Civic were getting stuck in. 

Such lovely people!

Then there were the jack asses who just had to be somewhere and would clogged the intersections when they should have just waited. The people who would merge when the other lane seemed to move that tiny bit faster. Then merge back. The people who would honk and honk while you are trying to get up the icy slopes of Mount Nexthill and just can’t do it without Sherpa help. The fist wavers, the yelly faces, the wheel slammers. 

Such lovely people.

I think driving in winter storms should be a psychology test. The inner workings really start to come out and the beauties or the dark residents of our brains get exposed. And social interactions (or lack thereof) factor in and you can see who and what people are really made of. My fiancée and I sat in our car (turned off of course) and watched everyone else have at it, only stopping once to watch the new Jurassic Park trailer and to fume how crazy it is that Chris Pratt is lion taming velicoraptors. 

So pumped! 

Well it’s homemade pizza and storm chips and rum time. Enjoy whatever weather you are having out there tonight and I hope to slope gods I make it to a hill soon. Home dets to follow!


Feelings of Excitement! And Dread?! 

Well kids, here we go.

Blast off.

This is not a drill. Get under the desks and tuck your head between your knees and pray Tom Cruise saves you with his witchcraft. 

We put an offer in on our house. 

After weeks of ‘hhmmm’ing and ‘hawww’ing, we finally made the decision. We are going forward and taking that earth shattering first step into home ownership. It truly is a scary thought when you think of all the debt, pain, labor and responsibility that comes with it. The bills screaming at you, the stress of getting a good paycheck, and the ‘fix me’s’ that come along with a thing that hands built. Imagining trees ripping the roof off, snow drifts that leave you stranded with only canned beans and no delivery pizza, and oh! A backed up sewage problem that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. 

I can’t wait.

A privacy that is eluded in city life, green trees seen through every window. Beautiful, unadulterated sunrises with that condo building in the way. Deer winding their way through the yard. Friends and family gathered around the fire pit. That once normal feeling of a family setting can now be replicated through the next generation. Personally,  I can’t wait to sunbath on my own deck with a beer and a book and not have people stare at me. It would be fantastic. All those things I disliked or complained about when I was a kid at home, like cutting the grass or weeding he garden, makes my skin get goose prickles. From playing with dinky cars to manual landscaping, it feels the same right now. And don’t even get me started on decorating the house. That will be another blog on which I will go nuts on wall colours and furniture. Let’s just say I will be going overboard with ordering custom furniture

But I digress.

As scared as I am right now, the feeling of excitement rules out the foreboding feeling of reaponsible. At least right now. We still have to meet up with the realtor tomorrow at some point, and sign our life away. Holy crow. 

Somebody pinch me.

Son of a banker! >:#. Don’t rush me!

Ever noticed that when you want something you go with whatever works for your current state of mind? Even if it’s a bad idea, and you know it? You stick by the decision you made, in all its glory, all the while knowing its gonna be a blemish on your history. But you are to proud or impatient to take a step back and maybe let it go. We all have done that one thing we are not proud of, that one fashion faux pax that we did dispite  the warnings of loved ones and peers. I dyed my hair red once. And my eyebrows. I should have listened to the concerned loved ones around me. But I thought it was in my best interests to keep it. Too proud to admit that it looked like shit and I looked like a punk rock reject in chinos. Ugh. 

I bring this up as I sometimes think settling on a home because you’re tired of waiting and you just want to start that part of your life can be the same. People say you’ll “just know” when you find the one. I don’t think so. I think you truly have to think about it. Prime example. The love of my life hated me when we first meet. She thought I was a brown nosed, sneaky piece of shit just because I had been promoted a little faster than her friend. I thought she was a huge bitch who was too pretty and good to talk to me. We laugh about that now. Thankfully we thought about it, and didn’t act on the feelings of “just knowing” it. I would have been with my first girlfriend in junior high if we went on the basis of that. Horrible. Buying a house is the same. Think of your plans. How long do you want to be there? Is it just an equity maker? Flipping it? Who knows what would happen. 

My fiancée and I are currently looking at a 10/ 15 year plan for the current home we want to buy. It has good public schools around, not to far from anything and still has a great amount of freedom in the back yard. After those years are done, we can then sell and move on up to the next level of home. 

Just plan it out. Take your time. Listen to your loved ones. Drop the pride and just listen. Take someone you trust with you. Go over the positives and negatives throughly. Take your time, and don’t rush on decisions. Sleep on it! Eat breakfast and just look at the next option. If it really holds your interest, go back to it. I personally wait two two days after seeing a home. If I’m still thinking about it, I’ll arrange to go back to go over more throughly with family. 

What an odd post. I should maybe wait until after my second coffee.