Anxiously waiting, count dogs on…..

So my fiancee and I have a little over 7 weeks until we take possession of our new house. 

We have gone through paint selections, furniture choices (which to be fair, is way easier since I work as a furniture design/ consultant…..), and we have basic plans for the renovations, flooring styles and textures. I mean, we even have it down to the stain color that we are going to use on the deck. Plans for a home office, in one of our upstairs bedrooms, so my fiancee can work from home and have a view of the woods instead of a concrete parking lot is first up on the list. We are both going to start evolving into carpenters and home makeover celebrities (in our own minds!). It’s going to be quite something as I only have random experience with carpentry, as my father was always Mr. Fixit and did all the work around the house when I was growing up. This is why I can cook and clean like a pro, because I always got told to help mum, as I might have been in the way with wandering attention span and often unwanted urge to “just do it on my own without guidance”.

At least with the kitchen help, I would get food.

So as the weeks go on, we have turned our attention to pets. And we are unanimous on the fact that we want a big dog. I mean, moving to isolation (compared to our apartment) is a scary idea for someone who has seen maybe three or four more scary movies for there own good. A big dog would give me piece of mind for when she’s at home or when I’m home alone. I’m a heavy sleeper and if any things going to wake me up, it’s going to be a 150lb sub ‘woofer’. My fiancee grew up with Rottweilers and I grew up on farms, so big dogs are something we have experience with. But I wanted something different. And I have decided on a cane corso. It’s a beautiful big dog with a bad rap. I mean, most big dogs do, but I’ve only ever known them to be sooks. Overly loyal and protective, they are everything I want. And I would never alter the look. I love a longer tail and floppy ears. Such cuties! 

But a word to the wise. Before getting an addition to your family, make sure they fit. I mean I hate seeing big dogs in the city. They do not have enough room! They need space inside and out and room to run! Ugh, breaks my heart. And if you really love a spotless home, do even bother. There is no way anything in your home will not be covered in dog hair at some point. Hell, I don’t think my fiancées hair hasn’t been on something in our place! Nothing will be safe. But for peace of mind, and a companion for walks and gardening, you can have no better. My fiancee and I will be looking for respectable breeders in the near future so we can set up interviews, but she has yet to hop 100% on board with my choice of pup. We will see if things go my way, but I’m getting excited and will be popping up with more random stories (and maybe her choice!) in days to come!



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