Son of a banker! >:#. Don’t rush me!

Ever noticed that when you want something you go with whatever works for your current state of mind? Even if it’s a bad idea, and you know it? You stick by the decision you made, in all its glory, all the while knowing its gonna be a blemish on your history. But you are to proud or impatient to take a step back and maybe let it go. We all have done that one thing we are not proud of, that one fashion faux pax that we did dispite  the warnings of loved ones and peers. I dyed my hair red once. And my eyebrows. I should have listened to the concerned loved ones around me. But I thought it was in my best interests to keep it. Too proud to admit that it looked like shit and I looked like a punk rock reject in chinos. Ugh. 

I bring this up as I sometimes think settling on a home because you’re tired of waiting and you just want to start that part of your life can be the same. People say you’ll “just know” when you find the one. I don’t think so. I think you truly have to think about it. Prime example. The love of my life hated me when we first meet. She thought I was a brown nosed, sneaky piece of shit just because I had been promoted a little faster than her friend. I thought she was a huge bitch who was too pretty and good to talk to me. We laugh about that now. Thankfully we thought about it, and didn’t act on the feelings of “just knowing” it. I would have been with my first girlfriend in junior high if we went on the basis of that. Horrible. Buying a house is the same. Think of your plans. How long do you want to be there? Is it just an equity maker? Flipping it? Who knows what would happen. 

My fiancée and I are currently looking at a 10/ 15 year plan for the current home we want to buy. It has good public schools around, not to far from anything and still has a great amount of freedom in the back yard. After those years are done, we can then sell and move on up to the next level of home. 

Just plan it out. Take your time. Listen to your loved ones. Drop the pride and just listen. Take someone you trust with you. Go over the positives and negatives throughly. Take your time, and don’t rush on decisions. Sleep on it! Eat breakfast and just look at the next option. If it really holds your interest, go back to it. I personally wait two two days after seeing a home. If I’m still thinking about it, I’ll arrange to go back to go over more throughly with family. 

What an odd post. I should maybe wait until after my second coffee. 



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