Son of a banker! >:#. Don’t rush me!

Ever noticed that when you want something you go with whatever works for your current state of mind? Even if it’s a bad idea, and you know it? You stick by the decision you made, in all its glory, all the while knowing its gonna be a blemish on your history. But you are to proud or impatient to take a step back and maybe let it go. We all have done that one thing we are not proud of, that one fashion faux pax that we did dispite  the warnings of loved ones and peers. I dyed my hair red once. And my eyebrows. I should have listened to the concerned loved ones around me. But I thought it was in my best interests to keep it. Too proud to admit that it looked like shit and I looked like a punk rock reject in chinos. Ugh. 

I bring this up as I sometimes think settling on a home because you’re tired of waiting and you just want to start that part of your life can be the same. People say you’ll “just know” when you find the one. I don’t think so. I think you truly have to think about it. Prime example. The love of my life hated me when we first meet. She thought I was a brown nosed, sneaky piece of shit just because I had been promoted a little faster than her friend. I thought she was a huge bitch who was too pretty and good to talk to me. We laugh about that now. Thankfully we thought about it, and didn’t act on the feelings of “just knowing” it. I would have been with my first girlfriend in junior high if we went on the basis of that. Horrible. Buying a house is the same. Think of your plans. How long do you want to be there? Is it just an equity maker? Flipping it? Who knows what would happen. 

My fiancée and I are currently looking at a 10/ 15 year plan for the current home we want to buy. It has good public schools around, not to far from anything and still has a great amount of freedom in the back yard. After those years are done, we can then sell and move on up to the next level of home. 

Just plan it out. Take your time. Listen to your loved ones. Drop the pride and just listen. Take someone you trust with you. Go over the positives and negatives throughly. Take your time, and don’t rush on decisions. Sleep on it! Eat breakfast and just look at the next option. If it really holds your interest, go back to it. I personally wait two two days after seeing a home. If I’m still thinking about it, I’ll arrange to go back to go over more throughly with family. 

What an odd post. I should maybe wait until after my second coffee. 



Do I Call it a “Homestay?”

Great piece! 

Travel Oops

Steph doing a shot

Northern Vietnam, near Sapa: May 2014

Sitting in a Hmong living room in remote Northern Vietnam with eleven other freshly showered tourists doing shots of rice wine while cellphones charged and Eminem blasted from iPod speakers on the shelf above a cooler containing multiple cans of Coke, bottles of Aquafina and six packs of Tiger beer, I wasn’t sure I could call the scenario a “homestay.”

The idea of a homestay, of course, is to stay with locals to get an idea of their culture and lifestyle. In all fairness, the Hmong family who owned the home was with us. Sa and Hang sat with ramrod straight posture and their one-month-old baby in chairs a bit away from the dinner table, which had become the station for drinking games. Crouched in a fairly well lit corner of the large open room, their 10-year-old daughter did homework by using a plastic…

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Crunching numbers….and toes.


Budget, budget, and budget. 

I (and by I, I totally mean my fiancée and kinda me) am up to my ears in accounting papers. I now understand what I means to be in the red, as when you crunch numbers like we have, the only thing you see is red. Red from being house poor. Red from paper cuts. Red from the rage of losing a prospective home. And the list goes on. I have developed a twitch in my left eye (it’s only slight, but still annoying) from all the stress of home buying in the last two weeks. Between my new commission based job and Christmas debt, I’m not sitting in a great spot right now. I am and have looked at part-time (full-time) work to help supplement my income, but who really wants to work at a McJob when they are almost 30 (?). So my wonderful fiancée, is extra stressed as she is the saver of money. Her name should be Littlefinger, for how she moves finances in our kingdom. I’m more like Jon Snow (before the wall) trying hard to make everything right. 

Budget. Calculate on low end income on high end bills. Never get surprised. If you can afford something on a shitty budget, consider yourself lucky. And blessed. And the God of student loans must have smiled upon thee, for art thou debt free(ish). And here I am, arms in the air, screaming,” lawd! Lay it on me!” And a house falls on me like I’m the wicked witch of the east. 

Is it three or four heel clicks?

Housing anxiety…

So I have had a few days off, and I’m telling ya, the day’s are killing me. Down time is think time and think time is stress time. So much stress. Gah, I wish buying a house came with strict guidelines (jokes). Or that I could travel back in time and tell my younger self that I need to save every dollar I earn so that when I turn 30, I may be able to buy a house I like. 

Now, I’m blessed to have a fiancée who had the right piece of mind to save and now it’s up to her to provide all the money for home buying, while I have nothing to contribute and feel and look worthless while she betters our life. Thank whoever, because she’s saving my mind as I turn older and feel like life should be where my parents currently are (house/ life). Never thought I’d be saying things like that, but it’s true. To make my stress worse, I currently work in a 100% commission based job. Now it’s a fantastic job, that I worked hard to get to over the course of 3 years, but the financial doubts pay check to pay check are brutal. Especially so since the previous position I had worked at had good consistent pays that I could count on. Like I was saying, she’s a saint with savings.

So house hunting has been great for us as a relationship building exercise. Urguments, disagreements and shouting matches about money make us both stronger and thankfully, we both come around. With the help of pizza, beer, and a good movie. I cannot stress that home buying is one of the most loved AND hated things. Make a list, check it twice and edit it when new points come up. It will help you narrow the field down and avoid garbage homes that you both don’t like and waste time going to see it. We learned that early. And boy, I’m glad we did. Even a garbage house looks good when you continue going to garbage houses. It’s not until you find something you both really like that sets the bar and makes everything else look like shit. It’s like driving a Lamborghini after driving a nice reliant automobile for a few laps. 

But I will continue this later on! 


Mixed feelings and the ideas that make us shake

I was in a glass case of emotion. Truly. This morning. And it wasn’t pretty. 

As I was in my apartment shower this morning looking at the ceiling where 4 years of showering in my windowless bathroom has started making the metal edging for the drywall rust, I was contemplating screaming. I didn’t, as my fiancée would’ve had my testicles cut for waking her, but the thought of living in the apartment we had spent the last 4 years in, another day, made me want to. After a year of house hunting, looking at real estate websites, Kijiji, 25+ home viewings, and one failed offer, we have finally found a place that may just work for us. I think I should give you some background info on us first, so you can get why this place meets our criteria. 

We ( my fiancée and I ) are in our late twenties, and have been both city folk and country-ish. Between the two of us, we have lived across this great country from the farthest west you can go, to the east. I grew up in very rural, small town, with mom and pop stylings and she grew up in a mix of east coast capital and Victoria B.C. Totally different, right? But I don’t hold it against her, I have hence taught her how to milk a cow by hand. She’s country now. Anyhow, since we (both) love the more private close knit community feeling of the countryside, we tried to find a place outside our city with no view of neighbours and/or the road. The biggest thing for me was I wanted not to be hooked up to any municipal water or sewer, as the thought of paying for water is the most ridiculous thing ever. I mean, come on. Water? I can see if it was a non-renewable resource, but I think this is a conversation for another time.

Back to the house hunt. We had found most everything on a website called Viewpoint. It’s fantastic. Make a login and *poof* you can immediately see assessment values and tax info. Pictures, room measurements, even a walk up rating system. It kind of makes you your own real estate agent. Or at least imitates the lesser powers of the housing gods. I can’t give enough praise to the site. If you are in the house hunt market, check it out! Armed with information and plenty of questions, we called our real estate agent. You NEED an agent. They know the ins and outs of the legal process and people who know me, know I get distracted easily and confused more so. So I recommend a real estate agent AFTER you get more than a few house choices, and investigate into the realm of house buying. They are an invaluable resource and you do not have to pay them for it. Think of them like a Google app who needs to sleep and have alone time. We were recommended to the agent we have and we couldn’t be happier.

More an that later!!!


Housing craze….

So the first thing’s first. I’m in my late twenties, (my birthday is today actually) and my fiancée and I are looking at buying a house. We have been living together for the past 6 years in various apartments around our city and they have been great. They have been close to work, walking distance to stores and the buses have forever been in our favour. But throwing our money (hard earned cash!) to a faceless, non existent apartment owner, doesn’t appeal to us anymore. So we started house hunting about a year ago. We started with the old school way (classifieds) and realized quickly that we couldn’t do it like our parents had done. A fruitless endeavour that resulted in confused phone calls and a realization that our parents either had the luck of the gods, or could haggle like an street vendor trying to get rid of day olds. Quickly we turned digital. Much like Flynn, we delved into the realm of code, and Kijiji and real estate apps soon took over our day to day lives. Speaking of which, I’ll continue this at a later date!


So it’s my first time….

Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at this blogging deal. I was urged to start a blog at the bequest of one of my work friends to show my style and my personality through words and pictures and to see where this all goes. I suppose we all need a little rabbit hole to go through at some point, don’t we? Well, i am going to try and write at least 4 times a week if not more and start sharing my hectic, crazy life in short, controlled bursts! I hope you all enjoy my stories!